The digital currency industry has grown sharply and difficulties arise as well

Digital currency investors

  • - High risk investment
  • - Hard to find quant traders
  • - Unsecured third party custody
  • - Industry trends not well informed

Quant traders

  • - Funding cost longer period
  • - Lack of team promotions
  • - Regulatory issues of financial tools
  • - Complicated issue process


  • - Immature financial tools
  • - Fluctuating project value
  • - Unsteady return
  • - Inefficient transaction

How to trade with ExTrade?

Asset Under Management

Various products
Multiple investment strategies
Steady return
Lexible terms
investment solutions

Total Investment Capital

Product packaging
Team promotion
Investor matching
Credit enhancement


  • 2017.12
    ExTrade team founded
  • 2018.2
    Private fundraising completed, 20 institutional investors
  • 2018.4
    Cryptocurrency holders up to 140,000
  • 2018.6
    First launch of crypto fund, investors subscribed reach 38000
  • 2018.7
    ExTrade APP officially released, available for iOS/Android
    Three crypto funds open for purchasing
  • 2018.8
    Total investment capital over 70,000 BTC
    Asset under management over 40,000 BTC
  • 2018 Q3
    “Actions as mining” ExTrade APP public launch
  • 2018 Q4
    ExTrade Prime V1.0 for institutions public launch, provide best quality products and service
    Expanded feature for secondary market and exchange

Professional financial service

Customized financial tool for crypto institution with EP-API

With ExTrade, VIP investors can connect with hundreds of asset managers around the world for professional service.


API management
Financial tools
Simulated trading
Advanced algorithms for order execution
Cross-market orderbook

Top investors


Tim Draper
Partner, Draper Associates/VenturesLab
Mark Mai
Partner, VentersLab Draper Associates
Fred Wang
Founder, Consensus Lab
Tao Jiang
Founder, CSDN
Hongfei Tian
Partner, Vision Ventures

Institutional investors

Core team

Terry Li
Founder & CEO
Successfully founded ZeusMiner, products gain revenue over 10,000 BTC in six months.
Kaiser Yuen
Graduated from University of Oxford, senior analyst with rich experience working in cross-industries.
Xin Feng
Product partner
8 years experience in internet product development including Tencent and Baidu.
Aron Xiang
Operating partner
An experienced project manager with deep knowledge in internet products operations various industries.
Yang Yu
Technology partner
Graduated from University of Michigan with Bachelor in Computer Science.